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Miranda Perez

Cross-Topic Multimedia Journalist.

Startup Accelerator Program Coordinator. 

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On-Air Appereance

Promoting education equity for Hispanic Americans

MSNBC'S The Cross Connection

Miranda was invited to speak on MSNBC'S The Cross Connection with Tiffany Cross to discuss Hispanic/Latinx enrollment at Historically Black Colleges live to roughly 1.2 million viewers.


In this conversation, she spoke about her decision to enroll at Clark Atlanta University and her identity as a Puerto Rican with African, Indigenous and Spaniard ancestry.


Live Hosting

State of Remote Webinar

Miranda served as a moderator at the State of Remote Work Webinar.


Each year, for the last six years Owl Labs, an award-winning telecommunications startup produces an annual State of Remote Work Report that gathers data about remote, hybrid and in-person work experiences. 


At the webinar, Miranda led a panel discussion that dove deep into the report’s data which displayed insights on the pros/cons of hybrid/remote work, proximity bias and what employers can do next to better serve their employees. 

Using Data to Create a Culture of Commitment
& Drive Customer Engagement

Miranda graced the stage at Propelify Innovation Festival, an annual tech and innovation event that was dubbed “the SXSW of the Northeast” by Forbes.


At the festival, Miranda hosted a fireside chat featuring Amy Radin, an executive advisor and award-winning author. Radin has over 25 years of experience in enterprise operating with deep expertise in marketing and digital transformation.


During the chat, Miranda and Amy discussed how to use qualitative and quantitative data to ensure a businesses’ customers and employees remain engaged in uncertain times.

How VCs and Founders Can Work Together
Beyond the Capital

Miranda had the honor of hosting a Q&A at SXSW where venture capital firm SoftBank announced the continuation of its Opportunity Fund, dedicated to founders of color.  


Miranda asked a pivotal question: How will the Opportunity Fund insure that founders of color are not only receiving venture capital, but receiving equitable check-sizes in comparison to their white counterparts?

HBCUs were built on the radical premise of ensuring black Americans access to institutions of higher learning at a time when there were no other options.


But despite their radical beginnings, HBCUs are frequently socially conservative, focusing on black radicalization through the lens of cis-gender heterosexual men at the expense of women and the LGBTQ+ community. 

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The oldest weekly magazine in the country covering progressive, political and cultural news, opinion and analysis.  

The cannabis industry and the contemporary prison-industrial complex were built on the backs of men like Nunez and Perez.


But the opportunity to work in the industry legally is out of reach for them—and the 60% of Illinois felons who were convicted of nonviolent drug crimes. Now that the business is booming, men like Nunez and Perez—unseen and criminalized pioneers of the industry—can’t reap the benefits.


A BIPOC-led, non-profit news outlet covering race, worker's rights, economy, politics, crime reform, abolition and more

This theme of respect and remembrance in The Ballad of Chalino Sánchez resonated heavily with me. While listening to the episodes, I thought of legends in my hood and honestly, my ancestors.


There isn’t one generation in my family that hasn’t fallen victim to poverty and gang violence. While their gang activity surpassed them in death, their legacies as fearless providers and protectors lived on through family stories.

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LatinaMedia.Co uplifts Latina, femme Latinx and Latinx gender non-conforming perspectives in media. 

Freelance Work 

Miranda Perez Headshot.png

About Miranda Perez

Miranda Perez, a distinguished alumna of Clark Atlanta University, proudly holds a Bachelor's of Arts in Mass Media Arts with a concentration in print journalism.


Hailing from humble beginnings as an inner-city from the influential city of Chicago, Miranda is a trailblazer as a first-generation college graduate, with education holding paramount importance in her life.


Miranda's deep-rooted value for education seamlessly translates into her journalistic purpose.


Through her exceptional writing, empathetic reporting style, and eye for news she aims to enlighten and empower her readers, providing them with fresh insights into the realms of technology, business, politics, social justice, and beyond.


With a commitment to educating and informing her audience, Miranda leaves an indelible impact, fostering a broader understanding and awareness among her readership.

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