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Graphic Design

One of Miranda's secondary passions is graphic design. As a graphic designer she has found her skillset to best suit social media marketing.


She has experience designing everything from Instagram Filters to graphics that are used to promote interviews, events and articles.

One of the most modern ways to further social/online engagement is to utilize custom filters that take viewers directly to your account. Using Spark AR, Adobe Photoshop and Canva Miranda created a never before done filter for her campus magazine. In under a week, the filter was clicked on over 5,000 times and downloaded for use over 1,000 times. 

Through using Adobe Photoshop and Canva, Miranda has been able to do everything from create promotional event flyers to creating logos, article promotion, Tik Tok covers, Reels and more. Scroll through the gallery above to see her work.

While video editing is one skill, editing for social media is another. Miranda has edited social videos to engage with a wide range of audiences. The above video was directed by and edited by Miranda. She also produced the graphic design that operates as the video's thumbnail.

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