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Awards & Honors

Miranda has two national awards that she gained throughout her time as President and Editor-In-Chief of Her Campus CAU, the largest digital magazine in the Atlanta University Center. At any given moment she was managing teams of 20-50 college-level content creators and securing top awards, as a top performing chapter within 400+ college chapters of Her Campus, a national Gen-Z focused publication, written entirely by the world’s top college journalists, averaging 300,000 hits per day, located in 44 states. 



Best Profile: How Queer-phobia is undermining LGBTQ+ students at Morehouse College

In 2019, Miranda conducted original reporting on issues faced by non-binary students by administration and falculty at Morehouse College, an all-male, HBCU. The article was recognized by Her Campus nationals as "Best Community Profile."


Most Follow-Worthy Instagram

In 2019, Miranda co-directed a complete social media revamp on Instagram and Twitter for Her Campus CAU. She led a team of 30 members and developed a signature brand by  hosting graphic design workshops and scheduling content for campaigns, events and more.


The Instagram profile was awarded 2nd Place for Most Instagram Worthy chapter, thanks to the rebranding.



Honor: Producing HerHBCU

In 2020, Miranda assisted in developing the first-ever HerHBCU conference.


The conference served as a space for Black college-aged women in Her Campus chapters and at HBCUs to network, gain media mentorship and have a safe space to discuss identity as it relates to their professions. 

In a month, Miranda co-led the development, planning and production of the three-day conference.


Each day offered three sessions filled with a minimum of 20 viewers each, averaging 180 viewers total, including the founding team of Her Campus.

Through Canva, Adobe and Spark AR coding, Miranda created an Instagram filter to promote the event that featured notable Black women journalists. The filter gained 1.4K impressions in three days.

She also hosted a workshop on how to pitch to publications as a college student. 

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