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Miranda has extensive experience in video production. She can be the subject of focus on-camera, be the production force behind the camera and she edit video on Adobe Applications. Take a look at a few videos she's been featured in or that she has filmed herself.

Falling In Love At An HBCU: HCCAU's Public Valentine's Day Interview

In this public interview, Miranda is a on-air host along other members of Her Campus. She created the concept for the video, organized interview questions, filmed, edited and designed all of the graphics featured.

How To Organize An Aesthetically Pleasing Clothing Rack | Miranda Perez

In this video Miranda is exploring one of her first loves: fashion. Despite not having any accredited fashion bylines, Miranda dedicated herself to creating fashion content at home on Youtube. Filming, editing, graphic design by her.

A Letter To My Future Self: Miranda

In this video, Miranda is participating in a Her Campus series in which sophomore college students spoke to their future self post-graduation. Video filmed/edited by: Nia Lockland.

Instagram Live Interviews/Segments

Through the online magazine, Her Campus, Miranda directed countless concepts to conduct on the ground and live interviews online during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Through her direction, the magazine gained an average of 200+ views per Instagram Live, 4000 new engagements and 25,000 overall impressions (interactions with the Instagram page).


In some cases, Miranda hosted the interviews. In other cases she organized segments and empowered her teammates to take to the camera. Interviews she faciliated are linked below.  

Interview topics included breaking news such as protests regarding the murder of George Floyd,  fashion as it relates to the identities of woman of color,  and more.

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